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Freight Agent Career - Our Program

Our Remote-Access Independent Agent Training Program may be right for you!

Our agent training program is like a feeder program where you train under one of our agents, who run’s a training business in addition to being a USA Transportation Logistics LLC Freight Agent. We identify people who are truly committed to becoming agents, but don’t know the “ins-and-outs” of building and growing a customer base or dispatching loads.

Once the training period is over, you become eligible to sign on with USA Transportation Logistics LLC as a full-fledged Independent Freight Agent. You are not obligated to work under us, you may take your training and go to work for another company.

Train from the comfort of your own office or home.

All you need is a computer, a phone, and an Internet connection…no travel expenses or time away from home or family. A key advantage of our program is that it is all done by remote access, including: live webinars, conference calls, and individualized attention to help you progress to the role of Independent Freight Sales Agent, with our help.

USA Transportation Logistics LLC is unlike any other Freight Brokerage. Once training is complete you will be given loads to fill immediately, you will also be given Shipper Leads to begin your new business. No other brokerage does this, normally you are left on your own to get your own shippers and carriers from the start, ground zero.

USA Transportation Logistics LLC wants every agent to succeed so we do everything possible to help you get started.

IF you enter our agent training program, you get:

60% commissions of the net margin load on all freight you move.

Solid financial backing from a reputable brokerage who has an outstanding reputation on the load boards. We have not had a single claim against us. We have Quick Pay and Fuel Advances for Carriers.

Sales training and support that you will not find anywhere else.

We will teach you HOW to find shippers and WHERE; WHAT to say in your own manner; and WHEN to decide if you are talking to a good shipper that will offer decent rates or a bad shipper that is going to pay the lowest penny possible.

Training on due diligence and qualifying carriers to move your hard-earned freight and much more!

We set up up with all the programs necessary to do business, Internet TruckStop load board and truck search, Freight Rate calculator, Safer Watch Program, Carrier Search, Dispatch Software, Company Email address, Company Toll free number.

You will be paid as an Independent Contractor, be required to sign Agent/Broker Agreement and a 1099 will be issued each year.

The Process:


1. Read our New Agent Training Booklet or Already Trained Agents Booklet

2. After reading our company booklet, if you decide becoming an Independent Freight Agent is for you, fill out our application.

3. We will contact you by phone or email to set up a phone interview, at which time we can answer any other questions you may have.

4. We will let you know when the next class is and if you'd like to attend the class, you must pay for the class. After the class is paid for we will then send you out all the paperwork necessary to start setting you up. Class space is limited and we take on new agents on a first come first served basis.

5. After training you begin to work under our Licensing and Bond. You do not have to work under us, you may take your training and apply at other Brokers, but keep in mind most other Brokers will not take you on without 2 yrs experience and a solid book of business.


Memberships & Certifications

TIA                                          NMFTA                              SmartWay


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